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KHARKIV-AVIA Award has been issued by Kharkiv Regional Association of Radioamateurs TDR.
In 2011 we celebrate 85 years anniversary of Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacture Company.
Any Individual or a Club station can obtain KHARKIV-AVIA Award for radio communications (or SWL) under the following conditions.
It is required to collect at least 85 points in 2011 (+1 point per year).
2012 – min. 86 points,
2013 – min. 87 points,
2014 – min. 88 points etc.
Points calculation:
- UT0LWR (or UV2L) HQ of TDR Association – 20 points
- Club stations of Kharkiv aircraft related companies US4LWC, US4LWX, UR4LWN – 15 points
- Operators /am from any country – 15 points
- Individual operators of UT0LWR Club: UX7LQ, UT5LA, UT5LU, UT2LC, UT8LN, UR3LPM, UR5LO, UR5LCV, US4LS, UR2LA, UR2LR – 10 points
- Members of «The Fifth Ocean» Club - 5 points
- Members of TDR Association (http://tdr.at.ua/index/0-43) - 3 points
- Any station from Kharkiv city and Kharkiv region (Stations with the first letter "L” in the suffix of their Call-sign: (UR/L.., US/L.., UT/L.., UV/L.., UW/L.., UX/L.., UY/L.., UZ/L.., EM/L.., EN/L.., EO/L…) – 1 point.
QSOs on 1,8 и 28 MHz, as well as on VHF-bands bring double points. QSOs for the Award are valid since 01.01.1994.
For receiving KHARKIV-AVIA Award the request form should contain data about QSOs (or SWL) and must be confirmed by the own sign. Please download the request form here.
Cost of the Award: USD 5 or 5 valid IRCs (incl. shipping worldwide).
Post address for the request of the Award: Dmytro Panchenko, P.O.Box 2373, Kharkiv-1, 61001, Ukraine.
E-mail for questions concerning Award: ut8ln@ukr.net
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